Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 26-28-Final Entry

We are currently living at a compound known as the UAACC, or United African Alliance Center, created by none other than Pete O’Neal. He was a black panther in the 60’s and because of legal reasons he was forced to flee the United States and has lived here for about 40 years. Last night we were able to sit watch news clips and documentaries about and ask him questions. He and his wife Charolette, or Mama C, are the nicest people ever. He told us a few things I hope never to for get like “If you’re doing good than the universe will make it happen”.

The center is a school, and orphanage, and a huge water source for the community. The kids are adorable and they are in love with photobooth and taking pictures of themselves. As cute as the kids are, it was a chat that we had with about 20 kids our age and older today that was truly fascinating.

The first questions that was asked from the UAACC kids and it was “How do you feel about England’s victory against you in the World Cup because they colonized you?”…

Obviously, we were all taken back. We tried to explain to them that we no longer has hard feelings toward the Europeans and then we went on to the next questions which followed along the lines of “Are white people still horrible to black people?”, “Why do we think that Africans have a lot of AIDs?”, and many other questions that were shocking and slightly awkward. The conversation went on for 2 ½ hours and almost every question was something I had never though of.

The first day that we were here the students attempted to teach us a song and dance, and then we taught them the cupid shuffle. We were so terrible at learning their dance, im pretty sure they have an extra muscle in their butts, because mine just doesn’t shake like that! Later the dancers put on a performance for us and the O’Neals, and in the middle they asked us to all come up and do the dance we taught them. The orphans joined in as well as Mama C and it was so much fun.

Also as a side note, the constant dancing throughout the day is difficult when your male Tanzanian dance partner has not ever put on deodorant in his life.

The Next night after dinner we presented our on assignment projects in front of Mr. O’Neal, Mama C, the orphans, and some of the students. I'm in love with those kids. Jackie drew me a picture and Joshua cracks me up. Nejunga is my little princess though, while we were watching the presentations she fell asleep in my lap and I wanted to take her home with me! Ill miss them all so much.

After the presentation everyone left and we thought that they were just going to bed, but a few second later we heard drumming and little voices singing, and dancing out came the students and kids with a cake and flowers and leaves that they gave to us. The rest of the night was filled with dancing and Travis’ DJing, and drawing in the sky with our cameras. What a way to spend our last evening in Africa.

Last Day of Trip

My current feelings are mixed. After talking to my parents and having a taste of the internet and life at home I’m ready to go. I'm ready to wear clean clothes, and scrape the layers of dirt off my feet and ankles, and not sleep in a sleeping bag, and use a real toilet, and see my friends, and see my family. Of course there is always the half of me that is thoroughly enjoying every minute that I spend here. Every time I walk outside, it’s a new experience and new adventure. I know how much I will miss it once im gone. Ill miss the people like our wise teacher Mkala, crazy Dominique, Munice, and Babu from Maji ya Chai, ill miss Killerai and Paolo from our safari so so much, and those adorable children who run up, hug me, and attempt to say my name every time they see me. Lastly, Ill miss Peter and Erin who we so tightly bonded with. All these people have impacted my life so much and it boggles my mind that I, realistically, will never see them ever again except for in the photos that I bring home with me.

I will miss the freshest fruit I've ever tasted, and I will miss the simplicity of life here. The way people are so content and happy with what they have when our culture almost looks down upon them because, to us, they have nothing. Ill miss so much, and I learned so much, and I hope to keep it all im my memories and thoughts always.

Thank you so much for this adventure and everything you've ever done for me Mom and Dad, I love you so much.

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