Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Class- June 9

My emotions are beginning to get the better of me. As much as excitement fills me, the fear and the nerves are setting in as well. It's so easy to let your mind go immediately to fear when you are going on a trip like this. There are practical things to be afraid of; such as what if I get sick? What if the nightmare I had the other night comes true, and I show up to Africa with nothing but my towel, tripod, and binoculars? However, it probably doesn't help that I'm not at all packed and we leave in two days. The biggest fear, however, is likely to be the fear of the unknown. There are so many things there that I feel unprepared to witness. So much knowledge that I now have to opportunity to obtain. It's an culture that is completely alien to me with people and customs that I know absolutely nothing about. Todays the last day of class, and next time I see these people together we will be getting on a plane to Amsterdam and embark on nearly 24 hours worth of travel time. Time for today is running out, but before I go I want to show whoever is looking what we have been working on in class... a collage of everything important to me

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  1. HI Lexi: I love your blog. We can not wait to hear about your experiences and see your pictures. Please sing a song for everyone there. Your voice is so amazing. It will make the community so happy to hear your beautiful voice!!! Take care.

    PS - Let Claire know that I could not log on to her blog. I am thinking about her too.